Saturday, May 9, 2009

Things that make keep me alive and happy

Azurell requested, and therefore she shall have. I'm too lazy for pictures, but too wordy for a list so you'll get... a list with tidbits.

Friends: Without which I wouldn't be here, or at least here and sane. To those of you who are true friends and would do anything for me - you can honestly know that you are the reason for my breath. In my darkest hour I knew I had to live for you. I will give all I can to you and hope that your life can become better because of me - because mine's definitely better due to you. You are my family.

: I will never cease to love - even when love ceases to find me.

: Not just faith in God - although that is very important. I have faith in humanity, in the goodness that exists within each of us. I have faith that tomorrow will come and has potential to be better than today. Without this faith - well, I'd be lost.

: I love kittens, all kittens. They are cute - they are fluffy. Their eyes make the world seem okay and their purr let's you know that it is true indeed that at least one living thing on the planet can trust and love you. Oh, and their cuteness is teh win! (Oh and squittens go here too!)

Babies: I love babies, and children in general. They make me smile and melt my heart. There is nothing more precious than a baby. They smell like heaven and coo like angels. Yeah - that sounded a little creepy, didn't it? Honestly, I was born to be a mom - the only thing keeping me from being one now is money and a ring on my finger. My aspirations in life all involve children - raising them and helping them along their path.

Coloring: Yes, I love to color. I love markers and colored pencils the most. I love the way black and white becomes life. So much so in fact that I'm coloring a Stitch for someone else's Stitch. Someone that I'll never call Stitch and used that very pet name but... is so attached to the past that he doesn't even see... *sigh* I'm overreacting I think, I know this.. but yes, Coloring is very much so win.

: If you haven't been following this blog, well then, you may not know it. If you have - then you'll know; writing is my life blood. It is something which I am drawn to do and seldom have control over. It is what keeps me in this semblance of sanity and holds my tears inside. It is my goal, my dream, and the quintessential necessity of my life.

Geeks: This deserves a category separate from any other. Geeks make me giggle with delight, squee with confusion. I love the dorks and nerds too - we'll generalize them in here as well. I love you - you coders, computer builders, you who play with Python and dabble in SQL. You who love Star Trek, and Star Wars and will murderously glare at any who confuse the two. You who make obscure references to comic books ages old and chuckle at your own genius. The makers of awful puns, the people sometimes I stare at blankly because I simply don't understand. You torrent downloading, Linux running, D&D playing fools. <3

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