Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm unprepared

I've got the two money orders needed to make the deposit + first month's rent in my wallet. I've got a time set to go in, sign papers, and get the keys.

I do not have one thing packed. I do not have a truck lined up with which to move said things which have yet to be packed. I will hopefully be unloading the unpacked things from the truck which doesn't exist within 24 hours time into my new apartment. Yeah, somehow I think we lacked a bit of proper prior planning. Sad thing is, it's kind of a common occurrence with us. Although sometimes it works out okay. Well... most times I think.

I'm not even going into the money portion of it, eep! Thank goodness for Drew. Without him wanting pretty computer-ness we'd be down to $20 for two weeks. Not so grand at all.

Here's to hoping he actually tried to get a job. Here's to hoping he actually takes the time to call the Employment office. Here's to hoping he keeps trying to get in touch with his sister, or exist in general. A birth certificate would be a good start. $12 from the state of Maine.

*Breathe* Sorry if that was retardedly snippy or snarky or whatever term you'd like to use. Faith, right? Faith.

Oh and here's a self reminder to put in claim for unemployment Monday. Joy.

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