Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sitting in a comfy chair at school.

Well, there's an astronomy test down. That's fantastic, I hope that my actual studying that I did paid off. Syzygy was actually there, which... I think I was more obssessed with the word then what it actually meant. Oops, oh well. It also appears that I have found a place to exist in a couple weeks, woot. The apartment isn't the most amazing thing ever - but the only qualm I really have is W/D placement. Then again, I can't really complain because it has them, which will make life a lot more easy. It's super cheap as well, so yay for money! I am trying to figure out whether or not I want to continue school after this term. I can totally function with school I think, but I'm going to be in so much more debt, because I'll probably have to take out a loan. Then again, PSU sent me something saying financial aide exists. In that case... maybe it'll be okay. Either way, I need to kill this debt. Speaking of which -- need to pay my school, late of course, so I could afford the paying for the place I'm currently at - but yeah. I also went in last week to cancel my GAP insurance so that should take off some extra debt.

Oh God... one of my classmates just commented on the giant hickey on my neck, and asked if I had been making out with an elephant. Yeah, that's fantastic. Oh god, now their all like 'It's a supernova, no a quasar... giant gamma ray coming out of there." "Great White grab you by the neck?" Yeah, so I didn't think it was so visible -- considering it's like half the saturation colorwise that it was like... four days ago. Now I'm all blush like... okay yes subject change to car audio... oops no j/k back on to the India shape of it.. and on to test. Okay, I think that's done now. Except now it moves on to girl in the class they thinks attractive and how they'd like to put super novas on her neck. She's so not attractive on any way, by the way. That's okay, because ... boys are weird.

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