Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eight hundred twenty-two days ago we agreed we'd start a journey.
Six hundred sixty-eight days ago we said it'd be forever.
Three hundred thirty-four days ago we declared it on the beach.
One hundred eighty days ago, we whispered it in front of a Christmas tree.

I think that's the right math...

I love you now, as I loved you then. Though the world looks bleak sometimes, though we have had our disappointments in the world and we've been let down and misrepresented, we've never been anything but us. I loved you eight hundred days ago, I'll love you until the last of all days. Until there is no sky, no earth, no moon, no stars, no breath or energy left in any microcosmic space across the expanse of the universe - I will love you.

As long as I am able, I will care for you and take care of you. I will be there to brush the hair off your face, hold your knees when they ache, bring you a cool cloth for your forehead. I will be there to hold you, to be held by you.

We have a battle ahead of us to make it to the top. To appease our obligations and find our niche in the world. We've found it in each other, let's carve it out of society as well. I will always share your burden, we will split the weight of the world across both our shoulders.We will make it, because failure is not an option, because we can live on love, because... we just have to. We both have been through so much in our lives, but have put the past aside and said enough. We have broken the cycles that plague so many we've known and have emerged, reborn in each other's love.

"Just for this moment... as long as you're mine, come be how you want to - and see how bright we shine. Borrow the moonlight, until it is through...and know I'll be here holding you. As long as you're mine." - Wicked

♥ 6 months ♥ 11 months ♥ 27 months ♥ Eternity to go

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