Wednesday, June 1, 2011

AdSense and such

I started playing around under the Monetize tab... more out of curiosity than anything else. I get roughly no visitors to my site, so there's not really a point to having it generate a few pennies every month. I'm mostly just bored, at work, without much to do except expand my wishlist on Amazon and play WordFeud. As long as Johnathan keeps winning money on Amazon, I guess it's not totally futile.

I recently finished reading Dean Koontz's Frankenstein book -  Frankenstein: Lost Souls: A Novel (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein) It was definitely not worth it. I highly suggest picking up the series. It gives an awesome new life into a super old tale, and I'm a huge fan of Dean Koontz. However, this book starts out like it's going to give you something and then takes you right to the beginning of the journey and stops. It's entirety could be summed up in a couple pages and add a bit of depth, but really - the book isn't even necessary in the scheme of things. Most of it is just summing up the last three books anyway. Pretty big let down. Although, it's less than $10 and I could have done worse - takes up more time than a movie.

Speaking of movies, I've been watching some old ones lately. Trying to... get perspective I guess. Last night I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's. I kind of fell in love with Audrey Hepburn - at least, I now understand the hype and such. I watched An Affair to Remember the other night.... I like the idea in that one. Not the whole let's be in a wheelchair and wait until midnight in a thunderstorm aspect, but the work for 6 months to support your bride aspect. The fact that someone that can't support his wife has no business in having one... but more so that they were able to maintain their love on merely a notion and have complete and utter faith in one another. That he would work for six months and try to make a man of himself, and that she would work as she needed to support herself and that they would join together. Neither one of them quit or missed their meeting.... on purpose at least. Of course, it's a movie, and one made in the 50s at that, so perhaps it's all just a fairy tale notion. But, I guess that's the point of watching these old movies, isn't it? To fall into a fairy tale land where Tiffany's would bother engraving a cracker jack prize, and your ex would still be your friend after you left him/her for someone you barely knew.

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