Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sitting at dinner last night, Melissa says her maid of honor bailed. So, she's got her figure-head maid of honor but no real support in the area. She chuckles and remarks how she has no friends and we chat about how I don't either.

It's not that I have unreasonable expectations of people, or that I judge people too harshly. It's really that there are just few good people in the world. Very few. Melissa, Joshua, Johnathan, and I got really lucky. We managed to find in one another similar beings. Honest, kind, loyal. Maybe it's that we're in similar situations - unstable financially, desperately in love. Cutting out the drama and the excess weight of others that held us down for so long. Seeking validation for our goodness, or maybe just the recognition of such. So we share ourselves with each other (maybe a little too much *cough* John *cough*) and we receive the validation we need. That we're not crazy, that we're not odd, that we don't put ourselves on a pedestal higher than the rest of humanity. That we just are on a plain of existence, looking at the world. And we aren't surprised. Not really surprised when someone who offered to help you on your wedding bails, not really surprised when someone creates a smear campaign but isn't willing to air the truth to anyone but those who already know it. Because, that's just the general humanity of it all. The wishy-washy, half-assed, lying, back-stabbing world. That's not to say that each of us don't have these moments, we do. We bail on events, we fail to plan properly. It happens. But, on the whole, there we are. If our expectations are floating away in the clouds, at least we have people in that expanse that meet these expectations, and so - yes, we might be disappointed in the vast throngs of humanity. Sure. Who isn't though? Even the scum of the Earth can be disappointed in the grievances that are caused by humans to humans.

Isn't it better to live amongst the clouds with those that are like you, than to slum it on Earth with the vast, disappointing, disloyal, lying, flip-flopping masses?

A bit of a dramatization, yes, of course. Hyperboles run rampant. Of course there are more than just two people that float the same boat I'm in. Of course I don't feel that we're above the world, not too terribly special, not too terribly unique. No beautiful and unique snowflakes here. Sure, we're part of the masses. But don't we all have the right to be with others like ourselves? Don't we have a right to set an even and fair bar we measure everyone against? Not by looks, color, creed, etc. etc. but truly by the content of their heart and the measure of their character. If there are few people that measure up to my standards in humanity, then so be it. I'd rather have the smallest group of friends I know I can count on completely than a throng of people I'll never trust.

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