Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to be an Awesome Geek - Pt. 2 - Love Thy Neighbor

So, you've started to realize that you've got something to offer, eh? If not, be sure to check out How to be an Awesome Geek - Pt. 1.

The next step in your awesome-ness is to get yourself a girl friend. Or, boy friend - depending on your sexual preferences. Not a romantic one... unless you can find someone to do naked Star Wars photo shoots... don't pass that up. (Here's looking @ you Megan!)

For the purposes of this entry, let's say you're a straight boy geek. So, you need to find a girl. Someone that is of a slightly less geek level than you, but still smart enough to understand what you're talking about.

Truth: guys and girls think and process the world differently.

Let's use that to our advantage, shall we? Find a counter anchor to your thought process, someone who will tell you exactly what's on their mind, share with you their world-view, and help you understand the way that they work. All of the sudden you go from the outfield to playing short-stop. Balanced perspective.

There are occasions, of course, when you can realize this in a same sex partner. Yet, I find that it's never quite the same.

How to find this person to help you even your scales? That's the hardest part. Someone you pursued romantically, but got stuck as a friend is a good place to look. Something there was enough to allow communication and common spark. A friend of a friend you chatted with successfully at a social gathering. A roommate's friend, family member. Your own sibling, cousin, etc.

This person will be your right-hand man, and should help you feel like you're a rock-star if you're doing it right. They should realize your strengths, and help you realize them too.

I've found myself in this position quite a few times. Usually the relationship starts over some relationship qualm where they want a female opinion. And, since I'm just a little bit geeky, and unusually honest, and like the general mind frame of the male psyche more than the female it falls into place.

The best part of this is that it's a completely mutually beneficial relationship. Both of you can stop looking at the world in one black and white perspective, and can gravitate towards this medium ground. Especially if one of you is more ... technologically inclined than the other. The more-so inclined individual (that's you!) can give their insight and knowledge to the lesser - teach them how to exist more in your frame. The lesser inclined individual can help with aspects socially that may be lacking. They might have a better idea than you about fashion, social activities, etc.

Plus, chances are they'll smell better than your other friends - and there's always the chance that it'll turn into something more once you figure out your own perfect sync.

But... for the love all that is good.. Don't expect it. Don't want it. And don't enter into the friendship with any thoughts of that clouding your mind.

For the sake of all humanity you come into contact with. If you haven't mastered loving yourself, don't try to extend your advances, love, or thoughts to someone romantically. It'll just end poorly, leaving you feeling awful and your friends blocking you on social media outlets.

Random Note: I found the below picture, and I guess with it in mind I'm dealing with nerds more than geeks.... but there's definitely a bit of all of the categories ... and for those not included as well.  I think it's a pretty accepted fact that you should think you're awesome, and have a balanced perspective from an honest source - no matter Geek, Nerd, Dork, or Dweeb. Also, based on this, I guess I am a Dork... bordering on Nerd. Just so you know.

I realize this post isn't as clever, thought out, or inspired as Part 1. At least it feels that way to me... maybe it's the lack of hot geeky girls....

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