Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to be an Awesome Geek - Pt. 1 - Love Thyself

Hello. Welcome. So, you're a geek. You love Magic the Gathering and play Dungeons and Dragons and not just so you can be Dungeon master and make people cry. Pokemon isn't just a cartoon you watched as a kid... you rock that Pokewalker.

You've replaced dinner and a movie with Mountain Dew and Pirate Bay. You love Star Trek and Star Wars - but you have a clear thesis paper waiting in the woodwork for your favorite - and you'll defend it to the death. You  have a PAX Enforcer shirt for each day of the week - and you wear them in chronological order.

I love you.

You video game playing (you know, real video games... not just Call of Duty and Halo...), internet meme reciting, just educated enough to get yourself in trouble - geek.

So, why don't you love you?

All geeks, all people want love. But, if you can't love yourself... if you constantly put yourself down - you're a drag to be around. No one will love you. Not, at least, in the way you want to be loved. They might take advantage of your coding skills to build them a website, they might have you fix their computer or teach them to pirate literature... but they won't love you.

Rock that geek. Own it, acknowledge it, accept it.

In today's world where geek is somehow chic - you're no longer the bullied, you're the exalted.

Maybe you haven't gotten used to it and you're still reeling from high school jocks. High school is over, it's done, you rule now. It's true. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, modern kings. And you, crammed in your apartment like sardines, hosting LANs and trying to make rent.... you're just as spectacular, just as amazing. You just don't know it yet.

Confidence is something you lack. You should have it in abundance... but you don't. Maybe it's part of your wiring that has you convinced that telling the world how much you suck will bring you luck. It won't. Every drawn out, ambiguous Facebook post your friends begrudgingly read, every half hearted laugh at your own expense - it screams I hate myself. I have no worth. Please ignore me. Please, please, leave me alone.

When you're really trying to say you want to be heard. Appreciated. Loved. Acknowledged. Accepted.

You can be all those things, by more than just me. First though, you must appreciate, love, acknowledge, and most importantly accept yourself. You. If there's something you honestly can't stand about yourself, change it. If you feel overweight - run on a treadmill while you get caught up on your latest anime obsession. Or, just stop drinking so much beer. Or, learn to love your teddy bear physique - it's cuddly!

The world no longer just loves Spider Man and Superman, they love Peter Parker and Clark Kent too. Maybe even more. So stop fretting that you're not a super hero, and love the fact that you'd make a kick-ass alter ego. Stand up straight, saddle those glasses firmly on the bridge of your nose, and view the world as what it truly is. Your playground. Your unexplored arena.

So go. Explore. Rock it. Know your limits, and know your strengths. And hey, if I love you... you never know, someone else might too.

*All pictures taken from http://nerdsexins.tumblr.com  where he got them all from... that's his business I suppose.

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