Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boyce Avenue

Here I am pimping a band. They're okay talent-wise, upon first hearing them I gave them a B so that's decent enough for most things today. However, there's something about them that makes me need to write. Not just want to, but like... my fingers will erupt into pages of text if I don't release the pressure. I honestly don't know the lyrical content of any but a few of their songs because when I get in the zone background noise kind of falls apart and I go into my own head. What I did hear seemed good, though.

I was able to write three poems in a fantabulously short amount of time and the feeling gripped me by maybe the second song I heard. It's writing, sitting in the sun, making love, chai tea music. They do acoustic covers - but the best is their own... or what I am assuming is their own. Shown to me by the amazing boy on his never ending quest to find the images locked away in another's mind.

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  1. It's totally their own. I say Warner Bros. Gonna email about it now I think.