Tuesday, April 14, 2009


this would be easier if his keyboard wasn't broken...
I am sitting here, and am quite bored. He decided it'd be better for me to sit here and not be introduced. Maybe it's my perspective, but if someone that was important to me, that I was "linked" to, hated him, I'd be all about changing their mind. I mean I am makeup-less at the moment but still...
Le sigh, he has already told me that I'm not what people in his world would want for him. Which then gives me the suspicion that I'll never be fully invited into his world... not that the people sound all that great anyway. However they may be, it still doesn't make me feel great. I guess he is comfortable with his sister meeting me, but it also doesn't seem like she has any standards for him. He doesn't seem terribly keen on her though, or any member of his 'family.' Oh, look, he didn't get murdered or eaten... neither which would have surprised me and I wouldn't really be able to fight a bitch without a gun or an army I don't think... anyway... <3

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