Thursday, April 16, 2009

Monies, school, eepness!

You have, well... anywhere from two weeks to a month and a half.

Guess it's out of the bag now, so I'm not breaking anything by blogging - right? That and it's not like anyone reads this thing that wasn't in a meeting today. So Stream has finally let us know that our contract isn't being renewed. Not like that is coming as a shock to anyone who was like ... alive in the past few months. Now I'm wondering if I should hound the mother-ship's HR department. Again this circling thought process revolves again. Oh, fuck it - I'm gonna have to take out loans to pay for school anyway.

I've never been this stressed about money before in my life. I've always been able to live within my means and be just fine getting whatever I really wanted. I was able to buy the furniture, television, whatever that I wanted while getting financed for two cars. I worked and he worked, and we did just fine. Now I'm having to wonder how exactly the bills are going to get paid. My credit card has zero percent interest...for now. That's up in like a month. Which is just around the time I won't have a job. Not to mention the fact that I won't be able to get unemployment if I am honest on my application. Students count for nothing apparently - let's fuck over the people actually trying to better their lives, sure that makes sense. Fuck!

Need to finish my FAFSA tonight, and hope that the government decides to be realistic in their expectations and gives me monies and interest free loans and grants and all the joy. I also need to put in PSU application, but ... that costs more money. I wish that we could abolish this system of trade based on pieces of meaningless paper. Or at least give free education so that our populace can reach it's potential even if they weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouths. An education, doesn't really matter in what - is better than nothing at all. I guess I can always go back to waiting tables - there's pretty much always a market for that. Also, I can probably get hired at a Rose's since I did training for them in the past and have done like everything front-end. Le sigh.

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