Sunday, April 26, 2009

I have problems

One: That I've been spamming Blogger land. My bad, it's just one of those days.
Two: I hate being told that I'm wrong when I am pretty damned sure I'm right.
Three: When someone tells me I'm wrong (and I'm pretty damned sure I'm right) I have the nearly insatiable desire to prove my case. In this situation it would be the easiest thing in the world to do, one post - March 16th was all that I would need.
Four: I really, really don't want to copy/paste or link to said post. It's not very appropriate in the netiquette sense of things, and just plain not nice in general.
Five: I really want a cigarette. I am more than half tempted to buy a pack after work.
Six: I'd be buying a drink if I was old enough to.
Seven: I really want to just climb into bed and sleep. I have prior arrangements.
Eight: It's those damned prior arrangements which started the emo-fest today in the first place.
Nine: Why was there a need for said Emo-fest? Because someone wanted to hang out with me. It seems... so trivial.
Ten: I am missing my girlfriends right now like, a lot. Az and Brit are like sisters and I could really use them to affirm that I'm not crazy - or to tell me that I am wrong and explain why - which they'd be able to do b/c they get me.
Eleven: Did I mention I'm still broke as a mother flippin' joke? Even after I get paid tomorrow, it's all gone within the week - and that's without paying Az.
Twelve: Something seems to be unraveling, and I will have no control over the matter.
Thirteen: I wish I could go back to being... 17 again. Still living at home, no worries in the world other than how to skip my AP Gov class every time and still pass.

Yeah, there's more but 13's always been my number.

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