Sunday, April 5, 2009


I've been thinking a lot lately on the matter of perspective. This can be something complicated, convoluted, and often times disheartening or something similar to it. All that aside - it is something which I will ponder from time to time for probably my whole life, until science creates something which allows me to see the world truly through another's eyes.

The concept of color, of taste, of feeling, of emotion. Is it universal? We know what blue is to us. It is the color of the sky, of a warm ocean, of my eyes. What does blue mean to you? You cannot describe it - because you can only describe it as blue. Green minus yellow. How do I know that the blue I see and perceive is the same you do, let alone the green and yellow hues? Do we taste things the same? Do the curry spices blend on my tongue in the same way they do on yours? Sure, we can both equate deliciousness, spice, conceptual things. But, is it the same? When I say I love you and you requite the feeling - is it the same? Is our concept of an ideal different than one another's but perceived by our brains as being identical in the mirrored brain of a lover?

I know that things like beauty, generosity, kindness, evil, etc. are things which vary in definition from person to person. We accept that others will find somethings appealing that we do not - this is natural. However, we accept things like color and language to be universal. How can we be sure that the words we speak are really the same?

Then again, if we all can communicate in a way which makes these things universal than it doesn't really matter, does it? In the end, our perception defines who and what we are. It is our reality. Whether or not this matches someone else's reality - or the majority of society's reality...well, in the end it doesn't really matter, does it? Unless of course you deviate too far from other people's perceptions. Then they might lock you up in a nice room where nice people will give you nice drugs and talk to you in nice tones and give you a nice jacket.

Which brings us to the topic of insanity. What makes someone insane? Really, they just perceive the world in different tones and hues than you do. Their fluctuations between a median are more extreme than yours. In some circles we call them eccentrics, those who make their own path, drama queens, etc. In others they are deviants, trouble makers, loons.

I suppose it depends. On your perception of the matter, of course.

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  1. I think you have half of this right. Not to say that the other half is wrong but perhaps never looked at.

    "...our perception defines who and what we are."

    I have found that very little of our perception is actually what defines us as people. Granted, it does give us a person bit of reference. The base of our feelings could stem from this. However, we are better defined by those that we choose to keep around us and their perception of things. An individual and their character is not defined by what they see and their perception of the matter but rather, another's perception and reaction to our own tastes. Almost sadly, we do not bear the control to define ourselves in this world. We have to go about as we wish (with limitations) and allow the world to see who we are and make a point of reference as to where we stand in their mind's eye.