Sunday, April 5, 2009

My day so far.

The day starts at midnight - so when I say this is the last drink of the night, the counter resets then, right?

Okay, so no, I didn't really keep drinking after that. I was averagely drunk by that point and getting sleepy. So we put in a DVD that got delivered by the pirated movie Fairy and begin to watch. I may have fallen asleep somewhere in the middle range - but so far I can say I like it - and will like it more once all the CGI and such is in place.

I look around in the semi-total darkness and figure he must have stopped the movie when I fell asleep as I don't feel I'd been asleep that long. I rearrange my body in a more linear position on this futon that is acting as a bed for the time being. Of course him being my werewolf, vampire, robot, boy and it being close to a full moon apparently, he couldn't sleep. So we talk and such and such. Then it's three a.m. and I am missing something internally, something important. Uh-oh. I figure it might be in there so I go to bed. Kind of. Actually we watched an episode of Drawn Together, and then I really tried to sleep. I have no idea when I actually drifted off - but it wasn't at a good time considering I have to be... well, here by 9:00 a.m.

My alarm became part of my dream, I remember that much. He had to wake me up - good thing I set double alarms just to be sure I'm awake. It's freezing! Turns out Vampire-Werewolf-Robot-Boys run a little warm - not me, though! So he tries to cuddle me to make me warm - but somehow his projection heat isn't working. Boo.

Second alarm goes off and Kitty jumps up and tries to love. Okay, I think, I'll give you five minutes of nuggle time. And then I somehow end up accidentally elbowing him in the head. Oops. Guess it's time to get up anyway. Reach for my pants on the floor - they are covered in spaghetti sauce. My bad. Grab a clean pair. Realize you so did hang up my pants. You're awesome (and not just when you're bored). Throw together some sort of semblance of a human being. Glance over to see you - sleeping like a baby. Must be nice. Throw on my Power Bracelet, Mood Ring, 3D glasses. You know - the essentials. Look outside at the marvelous day forming. Realize my time would be better spent returning to futon and cuddling both kitties and boy until the air warmed enough for flip-flops and wandering. Realize I have negative money. Out the door for me.

The elevator smells like cat food, mildew, and.... ass? It is not too pleasant. Oh well, it's a short ride anyway. Get outside and try to remember in which direction I parked. Scan the road, can't find car! Think, think....oh right, it's on the other side. Grumble. Cross through lobby - out into pretty courtyard. Me thinks I need to sit down and bask in the scenery -- can't. Find car, drive car. Get to work on time by miracles of Sunday driving and going 20 over the speed limit.

Work. I feel like I'm missing something. I did yesterday too. I have what I need, and more. Food - Wallet - Keys - Phone - Glasses - Power Bracelet - Mood Ring. Who knows, maybe it's just the fact that I know when I get here, to this place - it will be empty of two people I love.

If you're reading this you have a mission to do. You need to find your muse, and go to the terrace and write. I recommend wandering the streets if you need a bit of inspiration. You ended with "**Meeting** Finish later." It is later - and you haven't gotten to the good part yet. Yes that was me insinuating that I am the good part, because I think that I win. I don't just mean the blog though - I am referring to the general aspects of writing that you believe to be lost from you.

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  1. Not an alcoholic. Averagely drunk. Sorry about the heat. I noticed that too. Very encompassing writing. Funny at parts. You're right. I'm missing a bit. Going to write.