Saturday, April 25, 2009


We've reached a new low... or high, depending on your point of view here in Stream-land. Chue drew fantastic squitten and Tricia copied and we colored. It was a fabulous way to pass the time between reports and chats and e-mails. Better than tailoring fifty million bubble slippers just to unlock striders for sure!

I decided that I needed to make lots of squitten because, that's how I do. Or...something. The first one was a tribute to the BAMSAPers everywhere - mostly in Venue 309.

Second Squitten is a beautiful reference to ... well, our wonderful undead friends. Teh Zombies

Lastly we've got a flower child who just wants everyone in the Squitten Army to get along and make love, not war.

All in all it was quite a successful venture that us here in boredom land can be quite proud of. To view the submissions to the contest search #squitten on Twitter.

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