Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brain Fondue / Voice Catcher

"If it's you that has captured my "voice" and taken it from me, then it's simply because your lips have caught hold of mine. If I'm not able to write, then it's because my hand is full with yours or my arms busy with an embrace. That's a trade that I'm willing to make. If you feel that you're lacking in some way of expression, dash the thoughts aside for I think the same thing of you. It's in the quiet moments of solace that we are able to provide a written explanation of all that we feel and that's enough for me."

Yeah, I don't really think that I need to comment, do I? I mean, does 'squee' suffice? Not sure, but... la la la la. Brain fondue in a good way. I don't think I could write pretties like that - but that's okay. I can actually write about happy things now, for the first time ever. That's a good thing, for I don't like being an emo child all the time. Some of my stuff isn't even that bad, so that's good.

Oh, that just reminded me! I'm too late for the newest addition of Voice Catcher but all you Portland ladies should check it out for next year. I plan on submitting myself, might jump start something, who knows? Guess we'll find out next year. It's really great, I got the 2nd or 3rd edition for my birthday from my loverly Jeff Anderson and it was awesome to see snippets of local people's brains that you don't get from daily interactions.

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