Monday, April 6, 2009

Believe me / Spring time love

Hm, you believed one person and not the other...So many people vying for your time, your attention, your love. I hope that you believed me. In this spiral we are on propelling towards each other and life at a breathtaking, astronomical, speed of light pace I will never say something if it is not true. I have no reasoning or expectations set for this. You could disappear tomorrow, you could stay forever. Neither would surprise me - and both would. I wanted to tell you - but kept trying to make it something special or otherwise cheesy and full of corn. I was going to do it as we watched the sunset over Sunset Cliffs, but that event never happened. It was there in my heart longing to burst - and then I'd glance at a calender. Two weeks, one day since I jumped off a cliff. Three weeks since we fell on some ice and were stranded. Four weeks, one day since we jumped into this in a verbal manner. Yet... numbers cannot erase what I feel.


The smell of cut grass fills me with extreme fancy. I glance across the pavement at a field of daffodils bending gently with the wind. I shall pick him some. The sun feels warm and amazing on my winterized skin. I slide my smooth legs against each other, I love the way that feels. Traffic sucks, but I turn my music up a little louder and sing to match it. Roll the windows down and rest my hand on the exterior frame. A sigh escapes. I love this weather, blossoms on the trees, tulips and daffodils sprung all around town. I love this city - the people wandering in dress suits and tie-dyed dresses. Gladiator sandals, flip flops, stilettos. Bohemian, urban, trendy, classic, new. I love the way that everything mixes together under a flawless sky of bright blue. I love the way that I feel dancing down the hall to enter this place - hear him humming to himself in the bathroom as he gets pretty. My kitties dance around my ankles. Aaah love! So much I feel like my heart will explode sometimes. Missing two people that could make this even better. Brittany and Azurell. I suppose that I'll kidnap them eventually and make them join me once more in this city I love that is swallowing me in it's glorious embrace. Looking out towards the city as we cross over the freeway on 12th. The city at is finest - the Made In Oregon sign, Az's building, the lights.

I could go on and on regarding how much I love right where I'm at with this epicness that's so unreal. I hope I never wake up, that much is certain.

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