Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'll try and keep this short

Short post. I hope.

I didn't mean to. Well, I did. I mean - I noticed that it was hyper linked... then I got curious. He says it was over this day - her perspective is... ooh like so not close. I knew that was the case. I don't know ... I thought that by getting some insight on her, that I'd get insight on him and his notions. Well... yeah, I did. Or didn't... I don't know. I know it was not the wisest move on my part and that I didn't need any confirmation that "sentiment" between them was running high.

I went into this saying if drama of any kind went down I'd bail. Well, based on prior postings between us - if you're smart you follow us both since all my posts are to/about him damn near - drama's kind of ensued. Is ensuing? I hope not. Can't we run away to a place where no one we know can ever reach us? Where cell towers don't exist and 'teh internets' hasn't been invented yet? Where money doesn't exist and you can mow a lawn or clean a stable for room and board? I am so over the top with emotion right now... a big dash of apathy would be lovely. Not yet?

How about now? No? Well... I guess that's your prerogative. I feel a sense of vertigo, I have goosebumps, I feel like I'm swimming through a cloudy world. Le Sigh. Oh well, I have faith that ... sometime, the sentiment between them will end and that sometime I'll live to my own standards... and that sometime we'll be lying on the beach or in a field, just enjoying each other and not have to worry about former loves or insecurities and we can just exist. No money worries, no fret. Yeah. That would be divine.


  1. I have very little understanding of this...The perspectives are all very blurry.


  2. Mentioned link/posting has been read, because I know you all too well. But I am struggling with the significance since I am lacking in the details.