Sunday, April 12, 2009

A night in Portland

Aah Portland! Boo school!

Last night I got home and realized that I probably should at least make an attempt to do something for this PE class I'm online taking. I count walking - as it burns the same calories and has same health benefits as running, but doesn't murder my shins/ankles/knees/etc. Since I am in love with walking in Portland it's not hard at all for the motivation - as long as it's not frozen or down pouring I'm all good.

So we leave and head towards the river, and then realize that we could go downtown and that's all good. So we walk towards the MAX. There is a whole MAX train which emptied at Lloyd Center. I wonder what was going on? Oh well. We sit down on a bench and watch the police talk to some kids. Then we hop on our train. A couple stops down a lady with face paint (and not like good face-paint) gets on and starts asking the whole train if they want dissolvable tobacco. I decline, but realize that a clove does sound pretty delicious at the moment.

We wander into the square. I really really want to host a masquerade ball there - in the middle ness with everyone in masks and fancy dresses. I think it would be the most magical thing ever. I need to figure out what I need to do / how much it'd cost to do it. There, just asked @TheSquare

A group of high school kids comes up to us and tells us it is free hug day. We get hugs from the group of six-ish. Aah good ol' Portlanders. Silly kids.

We wander some more, checking out fountains. When deciding on a cross street we see that the fountain at the waterfront is turned on. YAY SPRING! So we wander in that direction. As we get close to the WTC we hear songs playing. Interesting. Oh look, a prom. Nice. Continue to the waterfront, we start walking along and A Whole New World plays. How very appropriate and amazing. I can't believe I haven't lived in Portland forever - so amazing. The ... I don't even know - kind of look like ship ties, but don't know what / if their practicality is. Anyway - with my glee I want to jump up on one, but he does first. So then he takes my hand and I jump on one - with too much, something, because I then slip off and crush my foot in half. Ouch!

We continue along, and pass by a strip joint that has a lady dancing in the window. Uhm, this is so not Amsterdam... is that legal? I guess it must be...

Is that.... Irish music? Sounds live... let's find it. Oh look it's Kell's band with a super old man on snare. Nice! Kell's sounds nom but it doesn't really look too open to kids my age. So we continue to wonder, ooh look a Thai place. I do so love curries and pad thai and.... everything. Yellow curry with beef and potato and carrots and ooooh goodness! Seriously, might have been the best Thai I've ever had. E-San. My foot is like very ow so we head home.

I let him lead, even though he's going in the wrong direction. I don't mind, because I enjoy walking through this town with him. Plus, if we had gone the right way we wouldn't have seen the one armed street performer who was rocking my socks off. Harmonica playing and everything, it was super good for someone with two arms so like bonus points much?!

Walking back home.... check my online school, my professor's all yelling and preachy via e-mail, so I send her one back... and realize I misread the grade as 4/60 when really it was 4/6. Oops! Apologetic e-mail follow.

I watch the Heroes episode until teh internets died. Then off to bed with the most amazing boy ever. Yay for going to bed still at a somewhat decent hour (1:00am) Still way tired though... probably from deprivation build-up.

Now it is Easter, a day to remember and celebrate that we will have everlasting life. A day to remember love of each other - as every day should be. Work is once again boring, finished all the work by noon like normal.

Tricia just walks over and says - go home! Yay! Time to go make some deviled eggs and then visit families. I love my families. Yay for more time with boy too. Amazing boy who washes kitties and sets my things up for me so I don't forget and cares and loves God and alphabetizes the movies and... yeah. Anyway...

Teh Ends.

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