Thursday, April 9, 2009


I received a call from the mother company, yes that's right - 818 style. I've been contemplating whether or not I would want to work for a giant corporation that seems to care little for individuals. It would mean a life change for me that I'm not sure I'm ready for.

One one hand, it would allow me to be with some amazing people in a warm, happy climate. I wouldn't be worse off than I am now financially, and would have more on the benefits side of things. Working for such a large company would be a nice boost to my resume - and allow me a bit more street cred in the geek community. (ha. ha.) There are colleges in the area as well, so I would possibly be able to continue my education.

The other side, however, is worth noting. I love where I live now, the city and the people. I have my general life schematics orientated for living in Oregon. I have my school credits which are good in Oregon - but maybe not in Cali. My end goals in life require me to be in Oregon. I won't be better off financially by going there - unless I'm unemployed here that is. Additionally - my family is very important to me -and they are here. My best friend in the whole world is here - or not too far away at least. I don't want the additional pressure of having him move with me -- although somehow I don't think that is playing into this too terribly much because he seems content to be wherever. I am an Oregonian through and through, and although I do so love SoCal... I don't think it's enough.

I wouldn't even think about starting down there until mid-June anyway, which will probably be too late due to the plans I assume are in place. Had they actually contacted me as Winter term was ending, then it would be different. However, I need to finish this term and graduate and all that good stuff before I think about my next step. With that in mind, with my associates I am allowed to become an educational/instructional assistant within school districts. Which equals me making a step in the very much so right direction.

I wish there were a way to play out both scenarios in a box and watch which one ends up better for me. However, life just ain't like that - yet, anyway. Instead I have only the advice of friends and family to go off of. What do I do? Do I take a jump and hope I advance enough to support myself and going to school? Do I stay where I am comfortable and have family I can fall back on if necessary? Help!

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  1. For as long as you'll have me by your side, I will be there for you as aide for all that I am able. I know that right now is a tough time for me in my own world but I promise more of myself to myself and to this world and those that live in it. I can't tell you your future for some reason but know that we all expect great things of you no matter what you do. And in that, we'll all be there as a foundation for your success no matter what you choose.