Sunday, April 5, 2009


"An individual and their character is not defined by what they see and their perception of the matter but rather, another's perception and reaction to our own tastes. Almost sadly, we do not bear the control to define ourselves in this world. We have to go about as we wish (with limitations) and allow the world to see who we are and make a point of reference as to where we stand in their mind's eye."

You see, our perception of reality very much so shapes who and what we are - not necessarily for other people, but definitely for ourselves; which is the most important thing really. Also, who we surround ourselves with will depend on what we consider relevant and admirable qualities - which will be defined based on our perception of such. Therefore, how others see you will be determined by the people you let see you which is determined by your perception. Furthermore, I disagree with your statement that we do not bear the control to define ourselves in this world. I think that we alone have that control and that it is up to us to inflict a high standing of ethos/pathos/logos in the minds of our cohort and peers to shape and bend their perception to our will. I suppose if you honestly had no care as to how the world perceived you, this would not be the case and you could float along as you suggested allowing the world to see who we are and make their own assumptions as to where we stand. Most people, however, at least moderately attempt to modify the way that they are held in the mind's eye of others and the world at large.

Which brings us to the innate human quality of deception and manipulation which are often in place. The facade we emulate so well to hide the inner truths that we are all shallow, greedy, vengeful, prideful, lustful, needy individuals. Which is not to say that we are not also tolerant, giving, peaceful, and humble - but there is definitely a duality in every heart which contains the negative. I will never cease to stop believing in the goodness of humanity - (which you find odd, I think?) If human beings were not good creatures, or did not have the overall capacity for good there would be absolutely no reason to remain in existence other than to achieve your own personal satisfaction. We'd be reduced to a pile of fornicating monkeys with guns and automobiles. I, for one, refuse to sink to that level of disintegration that I will admit exists. I cannot believe that I alone wish to better the world - not for myself, but for others. I refuse to believe that the majority of humanity is not in concurrence with me. I refuse to be a monkey fucking and flinging poo while I rape and pillage my way to the top of some corporate ladder only to realize that none of it matters. It doesn't matter how large your house is, what car you drive, how much money you have in the bank. It doesn't matter if you shop at Saks or Thrift shops. It matters that you have clean hands and a pure heart. It matters that you have the capacity for goodness, kindness and love. At the end of the day I want to be surrounded by those that I love and that love me - in addition to the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter of course. It doesn't take much to make me happy - perhaps that means I am simple, perhaps. If it means that I am inferior to the rest of humanity - so be it.

But hey, it's all a matter of perception, right?

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