Friday, April 24, 2009

Updates and redundancy

I don't really know what I can write that will be anything more than a redundant recap of prior posts... but I am extremely bored to the extreme at the moment so...

I think that Final Fantasy X is really pretty, but it for some reason puts me to sleep very quickly. I am beginning to think that it is because I am resting my head on his shoulder and cuddly that I am drifting off.

My cats are ridiculously adorable, even though they are all about BAMSAP (break(ing) as much shit as possible) these days. Well, every day really. They are also all about random video game noises at unnecessary times. I love them though, and am happy they are becoming adjusted to their new surroundings. Kitty seems a bit off, but he has since we got Merrick so...what can you do?

I'm still happily floating on my rift in time. I think that I will ride on this cloud until ... well as long as I can.

Money is still a major stressor, but I get paid in three days so hopefully - well, that paycheck already is claimed by credit cards and school so, I don't have any money yet again. I feel the need to give some to Az - but I can only give it if I have it so I don't know what to do. Not to mention that I need like 1,000 to move into a new place and don't see that happening so much. Hopefully he'll exist soon - or get a job of some sort.

What else is in my life? Oh school, for sure. I am getting into my school term rhythm again, so that's good. I just need to be a little more proactive with my astronomy class and I should be okay. I need to find an article published in the Northwest that I can relate to Astronomy (any ideas? it has to be recent). I also have to do a proposal thingy and come up with an idea for a project. Yeah, no ideas really come to mind. Maybe moon living, or UV reactive stuff. PE class is pretty simple because I love walking in Portland.

Speaking of which my foot got really bad there the last couple of days. Visible swollen and bruised and hurting without bearing weight. . . I have no money so I don't know what I can do but ride it out and hope that it heals in an okay fashion which lets me walk without a gimp.

Anything else? Need to change oil in my car, get Merrick fixed, find a new apartment, turn in my application for PSU, make sure my graduation papers went through, and... some how get enough money to complete that list.

The End

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  1. Stressful indeed. I'm sorry to be weighing you down as much as I feel that I am...I do have an idea for resolution though.