Sunday, August 3, 2014

{Girlytech does} 21 Day Fix

Day 0:
A bit about the program: I tend to keep an ear to the ground when it comes to tasty food, and after seeing quite a few recipes pop up #21dayfix I decided to investigate. It all makes sense really. Measured portions, eating the right amount of each food group per day, and exercising 30 minutes a day. It's everything you've ever heard about balanced nutrition and exercise in a color coded, no brainer method. Of course, I don't have $70 to spend on some Tupperware and DVDs, so I scoured the internet...and like anticipated, it's all pretty much there. So I gathered my resources, made a couple menu plans, and tried to get some community support.

I convinced my roommates to do this with me. It turns out four people eat a lot of food. Somehow I got stuck with doing all the shopping, and cooking, and a lot of the prep - I guess that's what I get for having such a great idea. I kind of got in the zone though, it wasn't too bad, and luckily one of my roommates helped with some of the chopping. Well, now we have two fridges full of food and it will hopefully make the rest of the week a lot easier for cooking. We also have one of my friends/former coworkers joining in the mix.

My initial measurements:
weight: 164 lbs.
fat%: 39
total inches: 185.5 (hips, fullest middle, waist, under bust, bust)

My goal weight is 145, but I'm pretty much happy with everything except for my stomach measurement and endurance level. I'm hoping that by eating good foods, and making myself exercise I can create a happier & healthier me. I've started down this road before, a lot of times, and I'm really working to make this one stick. I figure with other people to hold accountable, I'll be holding myself accountable too. If you're interested in joining us, I made a Facebook Support Group of sorts. I'll be posting what I ate for the day, how I'm feeling, etc. in blog posts as well.

Here goes!

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