Friday, August 22, 2014

{Girlytech reviews} 3 Day Fix

Starting measurements (though technically I took these on day 1 so not sure if they 100% count):

Hips: 40
Stomach: 37
Waist: 31
Chest: 39.5

Weight: 161
Fat %: 35.4

I'm a little (lot) disappointed in those numbers to begin with but....

Ending measurements:

Hips: 39
Stomach: 36
Waist: 30.5
Chest: 39

Fat %: 37.9

Thoughts during the program:

Day 1: So it turns out that I messed up making the hard-boiled eggs and they were still pretty much raw. So, that's a thing. I cracked one on my desk and ended up with raw yolk on my pants, and chair, and floor...not pretty. I'm happy I re-read the program before I started because I thought it was one tablespoon of coconut oil instead of a teaspoon, which would have been gross for one, and an extra 320 calories per day. Which would have put it somewhere in the 1800 range, way too high for my purposes. My first tsp I ended up mixing with hot water because it just wouldn't melt in the microwave while I was reboiling the eggs, I wouldn't recommend it. It's not too bad just straight up though. Food seemed like too much, like always... I really struggled to even do the workouts at all, and started to fall asleep during the rests,  but I got through both of them.

Day 2: I managed to resist temptation today! Went to a friend's business launch party and stuck to the veggie platter, no dip.

Day 3: That whole drinking coconut oil thing didn't work,  so I mixed it into the food - much better. I'm kind of over the monotony but hey, I'm done!

Overall: I'm surprised I was able to lose that many inches! I think my scale is full of lies on the fat percentage bit, it varies so much day to day. I think that this would be a plan to use to try and squeeze into a dress, etc. Though I don't think you could keep it up for more than three days because it is bor-ing.

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