Sunday, August 24, 2014

{Girlytech reviews} 21 Day Fix

Starting: 164 lbs, 185.5 inches, 39% fat.

Ending: 158.6 lbs, 176.5 inches, 37.9% fat.

I lost a lot from my chest unfortunately,  but also a bit from everywhere else too. John has commented on the fact that my backside seems higher and tighter - never a bad thing. My mindset on food has definitely changed as well. Will I be able to maintain this? I don't know. I had absolutely zero support start to finish, so it was very hard to stick to it, and as you know I didn't always. If I could actually get DH on board I would absolutely do it again. As time went on the food definitely got better as I started experimenting with flavors and types of food.

The workouts are something I plan on keeping up with. They're not horrible, and I can see results. This is where the biggest difference came from for sure. I already ate fairly well and less than this plan had me do, but workouts were few and far between. I think this is a sustainable plan as when I get stronger I'll be able to use more weight, less modifications,  etc.

Well, I'm sort of body conscious (read a lot) but I'm going to share these anyway....close my eyes and take solace in the fact that pretty much no one reads this.

As numbers indicate,  I didn't lose a whole lot. But hey, five pounds is five pounds and nine inches is nothing to scoff at. I'm going to let myself go a little tomorrow and then reign it in still. I still have 13.6 lbs to go, but I think this fix got me on the right track to getting there. Would it be worth it for someone to buy? Maybe. One thing I struggled with was the measuring, the containers seem like they'd fit food a lot better than a cup. I did see results,  but mostly from the 3 day fix portion. I would highly recommend this plan to someone who eats a lot of processed food, has trouble with overeating, or has a significant amount of weight to lose.

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