Monday, March 9, 2009


It's all over in a little over a month.

No, she didn't make it, or start rumors, or try to create drama. Although, you did. I'm glad you know someone in management - that's fucking dandy! I don't give a fuck, and neither does anyone else. I'm delighted you think you know everything about anything, it makes me feel even better to watch you fall on your face.

I don't know if you've just been having some form of a male menstrual cycle lately, or if being in close proximity to you just let me see who you really are. I didn't think you were all that bad a couple months ago. 

It was the comment that I wouldn't know something because I'm female that you thought was so witty that really set me off. Excuse me? You, who think oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases have no gravitional pull. Ri-ight. Although after everyone else realized what a fuck-tard you were being, I think you know that now.

That's not the only thing, but one that I can readily pull to mind. I love how you do nothing at work except dick off online, but I can't have someone hang out with me momentarily while this happens. Don't want to interupt you while your busy 'showing' someone 'what's up' online. God forbid!

I honestly wasn't too concerned with the whole popular scene in high school, and so, while there were a few girls who disliked me for being friends with their boyfriends, I didn't have too much to deal with in terms of people being bitches because they were jealous. I did, however, have to see that a lot. You're worse than those girls who made other people miserable to make themselves feel better. They just imparted emotional scarring -- you could cost people their job and livliehood. 

It probably is you who's going to management and creating devestation and stress for a close friend of mine, and a close friend of hers. I'd pretty much be willing to put money on it. If you don't like me - fine. Get over it, it's honestly not my fault that people want to come hang out with me and the others I call friends. Myself and my friends are fucking amazing people who deserve to communicate with other fucking amazing people. Sorry that you feel dejected, honestly, I couldn't care less anymore.

God, I'm all flustered and need to relax. So, I am going to go get coffee with one of my fucking amazing friends that just called me. I'm not going to talk with you or debate any of this, because we all know how that's going to go. You denying it. Just like you denied you fucking off and accomplishing not one damn thing at the last meeting. Everyone else inputted and cared. You "put your foot down" and tried to focus an already focused group. God you must hate yourself or something. I suppose I should feel sorry for you, maybe you didn't get enough love as a child... oh wait, neither did I and I'm not being an asshole... Well, whatever caused you to hate yourself so much you feel the need to control other people, I'm not sorry. I make no apologies... and.. fuck off? 

Yeah, I think that's about it.

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