Saturday, March 7, 2009


Work, the essential part of life. Sitting here bored out of my mind, I could be doing far worse things for 11.25 an hour I suppose...

Freudian slip fail. Wow, I am only glad that it didn't occur any earlier, or else things could have gotten quite interestingly awkward.

You're no longer and objective outpost. I feel like I am faking quite well. Totally trying to rationalize things I think just made me dwell on them, so fuck it all in complete succession. Sure, that should work. My 'fuck it/them' mentality hasn't failed me yet, although it has failed some other people. Oh well, not my fault that the mental capacity of my semi-coworkers doesn't match mine. Wow, that was unbelievably conceited. You're right, I don't want to sound like dinner here!

I'm not really into the whole "basketball" thing, not to mention other complications. In addition, I really do think I'll probably rationalize it away as being said basketball thing in a short while. It may be my drunken cuddle fest instilled in you an association. Classical conditioning ftw...or lose rather. You had just said it, and the alliteration with who you were speaking with... Totally. However, there's probably some analyzation to be said about the fact that I am like obsessingly obsessing and analyzing myself over it. In that case, wouldn't my 'let's write it off as irrationality' mindset totally stop me from said analyzing?

Yes, but if it was someone more available you wouldn't be irrationalizing it. I probably would, actually, but less. In any event there are complications which prevent us from exploring, and it's such a tiny insy winsy bit that it's not even worth it anyway even if all doors were open - although I find it growing. Power of suggestion? Yes, that's it! Tyler and Drew both said it, and I'm so done with aloneness that I'm grabbing at straws.

There's someone else that you don't need power of suggestion for you know. Yes, I do, but the overtness and lack of anything common and... I am rather shallow for the most part. I mean, come on, they have to at least be average. True, true. And, you're failing your boycott. I am failing, but it's not like he's responding back! Doesn't matter, you'd be willing still to - No, not really. We've already had this conversation before, remember? He has so much growing up to do. I need someone...more... multifaceted. Crazy like you, you mean? No, artistic and romantic like me. A little crazy, but... in a good way.

Fuck it. I agree! I knew I'd win you over.

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