Saturday, March 21, 2009


"And just for this moment/ As long as you're mine/ I've lost all resistance /And crossed some border line/ And if it turns out/ It's over too fast/ I'll make every last moment last/ As long as you're mine."

Aaah Wicked, you were so absolutely appropriate! The Glinda was gorgeous and amazing and wow the whole cast was fantastic! I cannot even believe the gorgeousness of the entire production, the plot and such. It was amazingly about love and friendship and life and such. Brittany's mom thought Portland was scary - but I soon showed her it wasn't. . . The nice parts around Keller at least.

How I describe the past couple days of my life? Chop chopping, cliff jumping, awkwardness with baa tommy, cheap wine, temptation to jump off a cliff myself.

Brittany tells me that I should jump - and fall or get caught or whatever will happen. Part of me wants to do so. The other part is terrified of this all, and doesn't want to be "tied down." I don't feel tied down with him - but who knows. I might feel guilty for having flirtatious eye sex with cute asians on the max if I was officially his 'girl.' Then again, maybe not.

Clint apparently called me last night at midnight. He said 'oh, hey, i am so sorry for not being in touch. please give me a call.' I don't care, is this odd? I just want to go - get my stuff, and move into Az's. Oh, Az by the way I am so doing that. Subletting. We'll figure it out with moving, I'm sure. I may not be able to give you more than half - but I'll do my best.

Brittany says it's only awkward if you make it awkward. I am following her advice for my own convenience. Chue just needs to get the gonads, etc. Anyway Brit's gonna dye my hair because Brittany, Sam, and I are all dying our hair the same color. teehee.

I think I love you too, but I won't say it until I know for certain.

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  1. That totally makes sense. I can't wait to see your hair. Also, if you have doubts about the tied down bit...You should figure it out. Otherwise it's an unfair use of time. Then again, the potential gain is worth the loss...For right now anyway. (Not reading too deep into it. You shouldn't either.)