Monday, March 23, 2009

Taking a small break

"We watch the season / Pull up its own stakes / And catch the last weekend / Of the last week / Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced / Another sun soaked season fades away / You have stolen my heart"

I love that song. It's so beautiful and sweet to my ears, it reminds me of where I am at and where I have been. Where am I? For the first time in nearly a week I am in my own bed. This bed is so amazing, I can't wait until it is in another location more suitable for me to be in.

I have no idea when I will have the time to move into Az's apartment. Time is fleeting from my Spring Break heart. I have been moving non-stop since Thursday and Chop-chop. Brittany came, and "boy", and Wicked and tattoos and piercings, and parks, and loss of employment....

Not even in that order, and not all for me. It doesn't matter anyway, because it'd just be a ramble - well, more of a ramble if I tried to explain it all.

I will be on my way to North Hollywood in 24hrs. Azurell, my love, has been affected by another's, I don't even know - cuntness? With depleting time and monies, we will take her to the sunny land where she can be taken care of and get her feet in the corporation's giant cosmos. I can only hope it will be fun, and sweet, and amazing. 

I am spiraling, but I don't know yet if it's out of control. I'm sure that I will find out eventually. I am concerned that I have class in less than a week again, and have yet to get text books or parking permits and the like. I think that it will all be okay. Due to the numerous decisions I have been faced with - I have fully embraced plan "W."

With the powers of God, an adorable octopus, an amazing radioactive panda bear, and me - of course (Your friendly neighborhood --- I've been a jelly-fish and a llama so, I don't know) - we should be okay.

I so need a small nap I think, to keep my sanity. I will take a nap, then finish laundry and such. I already have one batch done and the inside of my car clean. W00t! 

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