Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Because it's that time of night...

You get a new blog! Not much to report on today, actually. After the reading I took a nap and tried to work on my speech ALL DAY LONG! I finally finished (mostly). I still need to write my 'speaking outline' and create a visual aidness.

I am moderately worried about Biology, I sort of pulled a giant slacker move. I've been to class 3 times. The first day, and two test days. I haven't opened the book. Somehow I got an A on the first test, don't know what I did on the second. We did make a study group, so that should motivate me I hope. Motivation would be nice.

I need to read a book for my Woman writers class, it's pretty short so I should be able to accomplish that and the five page essay along with it.

Speech Final - 3/11, 5:30pm
English Final - 3/15, 11:50pm
Biology Final - 3/16, 1:00pm

Wish me luck! I'll be a lot less stressed out and able to relax on 3/17 

So, just to make sure I know what we are doing this week....
Thurs: Dinner with Sarah/Michael/Galen
Fri: Cosmic bowling? Valley lanes? This needs confirmation.
Sun: I think I'm hanging with Dex. I could be a week early, though.

So I'm available Sat! Sweet. Anyway, that was more for my benefit than yours. 

Good night my loves! Don't be scared to be vulnerable. You might find those around you more supportive than you think.

Here's a link to a song I remembered today. I love it!

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