Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's the fourth of March

Today wasn't all bad. There were some genuinely good moments, which, honestly has been hard for me lately.

Biology Lab. I have 102.6% yeah, not much to complain about there. We got a study group together to study for our Bio Lecture Final which is coming up sooner than I'd like to think about. Also coming up sooner than I'd like: English Final Essay of mass, and Speech Final Speech of persuasion. 

The study group girls invited me to lunch, to which I declined since Clint had made plans with me. Turns out his plans included his girlfriend, and not me or something. Asshole. Went to a fairly cool lunch with study group girls. They both are in long term relationships. That hurt a little.

When I got home I dinked off for a bit and took a nap. When I woke up I called Clint and then went over to his apartment. Merrick is actually a cat now, so that's a plus. The apartment is absolutely disgustingly dirty. I mean, WWIII times wow. However, hanging out with my kitties and just chatting was pretty lovely. God I miss the good times we had!

He got called into work early, but sort of lost track of time speaking with such a lovely character as myself and was running late. I went to his dad's house to let out Jib (the dog). I probably shouln't have, but, I love his dad - and Jib is awesome, so ... eh?

I am getting stressed out about my Speech assignment! It's a 7-9 minute speech trying to persuade the class to do something. I am going to persuade them to read to children. It is something everyone should do, and I'm sure there's data to back me up. There is, right? I sure hope so.

Also stressing me out: Money, School in general, choosing which school to go to in the fall, job, home for kitties if Clint doesn't take them, the kitties' overall well being, finding a place to live myself. Then the general I still love Clint and want him back thing. Well, I don't want him back - the him he is now. I'd like the him I had like.. a year ago would be perfect, but I'd settle for 6 months ago. Oh, and the dying alone and that all my friends hate me, but what else is new?

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