Sunday, March 8, 2009

Enigma wrapped in mystery's how I like my toast

I am now making a new rule!

In order to maintain my sanity, my vague anonymity, and so forth and so on...
Life Behind teh Mask will not be accepting decoding questions.

I know, what a shocker. I do like actually being able to rant, ramble, exclaim, and twirl things over in my own way. It's awesome therapy, actually.

If you think something is in regards to you, or someone you know - you're probably right, but you could be wrong. The fun part is that I do what I want because I am claiming my internets!

Through my writings I am working to achieve self actualization, Maslow's hierarchy of needs style. Which, since people are reading can be interesting. I do like to entertain, however, while also offering people an insight to my complicated antics and analytical style.

However, based on the fact that my heart beat rapidly then died, I think something might be dribbling around. You know what, though? Taking my fuck it attitude with this as well.

How does apathy equate to self actualization? This is something which is yet to be discovered, the journey should be interestingly fun and I'm glad to have you along for the ride!

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