Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Feeling of a cigarette in my hand as I snap a shot of the courthouse and feel smoke tendrils wrapping their arms around me. The sweetness of cloves and rasperry iced tea fills my taste buds with delight. I glance at the darkening sky and the lit trees and never want to move. I could have stayed there, leaning against the railing by Juicy Couture for ever. Listening to the bustle of the city, taking in the sheer beauty of life.

If I have any more amazing days, I might start to think that the world is an alright place full of alright people. Today I slept in til noon and didn't get out of bed til 1:30. It was nice. I showered and such and headed to Jack's. We boarded a train and skipped of to Portland. After meandering the streets for two hours we headed back on train for Voodoo Doughnuts. Mango Tangos are the key to my heart. We then smoked some cloves about it and walked through the streets. Azurell my darling love came to join us and we walked the water-front for a bit. I love Portland! The way the city feels, acts, breathes. The trees, the sky, the buildings, the street. The people you meet, the people you see. I could walk for hours - and did, for five today. We ate some "Q-dub" (lol) and walked around back to our train. Hopped on and we arrived back at Jack's. Half a beer later I was asleep. When I awoke, I drove home. The end. Or is it?

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