Saturday, March 14, 2009

I was trying to decide...

between reading my book or sleeping, and decided instead to blog about the amazing amazingness of last evening.

Not that I would do any of the three @ work of course!

Bowling was fun? I think. Yes, it was. I didn't use bumpers and I think I got close to a 100 each game. Which, for me, is quite well. There were black lights and lazers and dancing. The ocassional sly arm brush or pet as well. Win. Not to mention the stealing sips from other people's drinks and getting mildly "sauced."

Since my grandmother apparently is racist, or sexist, or something we ended up at Az's (John, Myself, and Jeff (with a J of course!)) oh, and Az, but that should be a given. We finished - oh, I don't know - half bottle of this, half bottle of that. Pye danced on Jeff's head for a while, and also nibbled my behind. The overall night consisted of boob play, petting (of the cranial kind) and much fun. A kiss - even though it was totally just a peck - was definitely the highlight times a lot, even though my heart beat so fast as to give away my..something. Perhaps the highlight could also be the cuddling all night long. I did my best to not feel like a whore.... I succeeded for the most part. I'm not sure how I can feel like a whore since she's moving back home - what today? - and there's been no sex and won't be - but still... I dunno.

Should I care? I'm not sure. It was so nice, and - for only 3 times, what? I know I'm crazy and all on your average every day scale - but, really? Oh well, I've decide to not care. Today, or rather, this moment at least. It was awesome sauce and I haven't been this happy in... oh goodness, years.

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