Tuesday, March 3, 2009

choosing fabric is hard.

Emo emo emo emo emo. Yes, I have been very much so emo. But, I'm trying to break that habit of self loathing and pessimistic views. It's been an uphill battle that I am sort of, kind of, losing.

However, I get a text that's all *hugs* and it makes me feel better.

Then, I realize I had a pretty alright day, minus Jack bailing on me.

I really have found some pretty chill people that don't complete hate me, I think. Today I woke up and ate some quinoa, a sort of grain-y type food Jack introduced me to. It is nom, with a bit of honey. After some serious lounging I fixed myself up into a semblance of prettiness and headed over to Az's. After a quick measurement of my body, yes literally, the nipple to nipple was quite interesting we jaunted over to a fabric store. Just so happens, they don't work Mondays. I've known quite a few places that are closed only on Mondays, it always befuddles me.

So we jaunt further down the road (*waves to giant spinning stake*) and walked into this GIANT warehouse of love, er fabric. After much, much, indecisiveness I picked out two fabulous fabrics for my corset. I am so indecisive the corset is going to be reversible like.

I'm kind of worried about the texture of the inner layer, the fabric's a bit rough. I think it'll be okay though. I am really excited about having a corset fitted to me! I'll be .. lookin' fly in da club, or something.

Some delicious greasy McDonald's goodness and I took my loverly seamstress back to her place of residence. Mind you, I was 'careful' to appease my grandmother's worries about me being in "the ghetto" of 16th Ave. She's...yes.

Then I had a mini Chuck marathon at home whilst chatting with various personas. Good times. Chuck is a pretty awesome show actually. I so should be sleeping, but I'm kind of anti-sleep, pro-internet these days. Pretty degenerate.

Anyway, life sucks... but, it's not that bad, you know? I just hope that the things I see are actualities. That when I'm gone the chatter doesn't turn to my idiosyncrasies or my faults. I am so paranoid about those types of things, it's slightly ridiculous.

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