Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm a horrible person

If I was my friend I'd kick my ass, and someone probably should.

I am utmostly crossfaided right now. Are you kidding me. Jello shots and Larissa's killa weed for the combination of not driving capable. And totally drove to Az's and home. Fail. 

The bumping of the road filled with gorgeous lights somehow made me think of erotic poetry. To which I wrote some in the fibrous membrane of my brain, which then made me crazy horny. You will regret writing that tomorrow. I don't give a flying fuck! So anyway, yes, and that was interesting. Or rather the mental connotation displayed through the optical lobe to my mind's eye was of interesting merit and/or note.

I really shouldn't get stoned where there are people who I find annoying sober there. It makes me want to hurt them badly. Also, I am super analytical of everyone and shouldn't be around people unless they are as chillaxed as I am. Probably best to stick to people in general. Oh what do you know? Actually Danielle seems like she was in my mindset. Possibly. The clock just donged twice but it's totally day light whatever times! Oops. I should be sleepin. 

Instead I'm going to enjoy this amazing high, I better get something out of  being a fucktard. Except for the fact that I don't have a lock on my door and there's someone wandering in the general living area and I don't know who it is! Eep!

Degenerate Fuck. Yeah, probably. With the average of like... 3hrs/night for the past couple nights you shouldn't have even drank at all and peaced out early. Yes, definitely. Fuck, at first the double thing was a playful writing tactic - now I'm doing it again w/o realizing it. You simpleton! 

I . . . worry about, am confused regarding, forget about, dislike, love like a sister, grr at, laugh at, am managed by, am amused by, fuck if i know, girl crushed on, adore, am slightly indifferent to, used to be physically attracted to, update to, wanted to fuck in the past, live with, admire, am going to miss like crazy, date, want to murder, miss less than expected, used to know, love, used to adore, was managed by, crushin on possibly, used to love, have a present from, pixilate with, am perplexed on, am envious of, am creeped out by, am bemused by, wish I knew more of, am flattered by, haven't talked to in forever, hung out with, made happy by, owe a game to, lived with, phailed with, am e-stalked by, am soul sisters with, used to crush on, tweet to, and pray for YOU!

Wow, that will only make sense to me. Yay! I don't remember now - but my phone does. My hands are blue with indigo. 

Hm, maybe I will attempt to write a horny poem before I turn in the light, maybe not. I haven't decided yet...

Hugs, kisses, and wishes for the morrow.


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  1. I think you are fucking awesome Steph!!!! I love you so much!!! You are so brave!!! Keep finding yourself and I love that you're writing about it..and I get to go on thei journey with you, maybe it will help me find my lost self!!! Thank you!! Michelle R. The EMO Queen!!